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Jill Stedman Clinic

Registration is now open for the 2019 Jill Stedman Clinic! Click the link in the comment section below for event registration and information! 

Jill Stedman is a Competition Coach Specialist in dressage. She currently shows client's horses up to Prix St George with consistent success. She has travelled throughout Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick giving dressage clinics over the past 15 years.

Jill trains regularly with her current coaches, Belinda Trussell, since 1995 and Jean Paul Paré since 2011. She has remained active in the OEF coaching program and has been a Course Conductor (Examiner for the coaching program) in Ontario and Quebec since 2000.

Jill takes an educational, fun, and positive approach to improve your position and how it influences the horse so that participants get the most out of their horse's movement.

To register simply click the pic below:

jill stedman.jpg
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